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Cognitive Support.

NESIS® blends proven cognitive enhancers and essential botanicals for brain health, promoting sharper focus, better memory, and sustained energy. No jitters, no fillers - just pure cognitive power

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Science-driven brain supplement

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Optimized for efficacy without fillers

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10 ingredients to support brain health

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Trusted by leading pharmacists, neurologists and scientists

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Continuously improved since INCEPTION® [est. 2019]

Cognitive Enhancement

Cognitive Enhancement

NESIS® supports cognitive enhancement with ingredients that boost memory, focus, and mental clarity.
Cognitive Enhancement

Mood & Stress Balance

NESIS® includes adaptogens and essential nutrients that help manage stress and promote a balanced mood.
Cognitive Enhancement


NESIS® provides neuroprotection with antioxidants and nutrients that shield brain cells from oxidative stress and aging.
Cognitive Enhancement

Energy & Vitality

NESIS® boosts energy and vitality, helping you stay active and alert throughout the day.

Complete Brain Support

NESIS® is crafted to replace multiple supplements by addressing cognitive gaps with a comprehensive blend of neuroprotective small molecules and botanicals.

Just convenient, once daily dosing, to help support your brain health, enhancing memory, focud & overall cognitive function

Simply put, it's a way to invest in your cognitive vitality now and in the long run.

"My mission is not to add years to your life but to help you add life to your years."

Our Founder

Dr. Kevin Bunting Jr., PharmD, Clinical Pharmacist

When I started on the journey to develop NESIS®, I dove deep into the science and literature of this term I saw everywhere - "nootropics."

After 4 years of exhaustive research and over ten formula iterations, NESIS® was born, supported by 187 peer-reviewed studies. I've ensured each ingredient is at or above the clinically effective dose, not just trace amounts for show.

Ingredients in NESIS® have been shown to have prodound effects on cognitive health and stress management.

In Clinical Studies1

reduction in physical fatigue


reduction in perceived stress


decrease mental fatigue


reduction in serum cortisol

1These results are based on multiple clinical studies assessing the individual ingredients in NESIS®. The outcomes highlight the potential benefits of our synergistic formula for brain support and stress reduction.

We are raising the bar for quality — and continue to raise it

NESIS® is held to the highest quality standards. From our research, to sourcing, to manufacturing and testing, we go above and beyond industry standards to bring you a safe and effective product.

1 Clinically-dosed product
10 Ingredients chosen for maximum impact
187 Clinical studies
14 Iterations and counting
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★★★★★ 1268 REVIEWS


Routine? Feelings? Results?

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I am in my late 20s and noticed a decline on my mental health. I've also noticed how often I easily stressed over the little things and constantly be very forgetful. Before, I’d usually crash during lunch time and would have to drink another shot of espresso to keep me going. I also noticed that I’m way less irritable with things that usually annoy me. Not sure if it’s related but my skin has been less inflamed, I’ve always had hormonal acne and it gets worse when I’m stressed!
— Dr. Ellen L., Pharm.D. Clinical Pharmacist, Oncology
It was only the first dose and I felt like a goddess! As a physician, I was skeptical of any supplement improving qualities like cognition and focus. However, there is reliable literature out there and it seems like Dr. Bunting did his homework. The first week of taking Nesis, I noticed a difference in my mental clarity and that eventually turned to better emotional regulation and awareness within my own mind after a few weeks of taking it. It's now a must in my morning routine!
— Dr. Brooke S., D.O. Ophthalmologist
I am a 64-year-old woman, committed to maintaining my health as I age. I take calcium daily for my bone health, so why wouldn’t I take something for my brain health as well? With both a paternal and maternal history of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, prioritizing mental wellness and cognitive longevity is crucial for me. After starting Nesis, I've noticed a remarkable difference in how I feel day-to-day. The mental fog and scattered thoughts that used to cloud my days have significantly diminished. I find myself being more present and engaged when spending time with my friends and family, too!
— Debbie S., Pediatric Occupational Therapist
I’ve been taking Nesis now for 3 months and feel like I’ve reached an optimized level of productivity. My morning routine is to take 6 capsules with water and a cup of cold brew. I easily crush the next 4-5 hours and am getting pretty much everything I need to do for the day, done. I still work throughout the day, but I’m now free-thinking on new ideas, opportunities and concepts that interest me. I highly recommend Nesis as it has changed my life and there’s no going back!
— Brad N., Patent Attorney, Chemist and Business Owner


Full Ingredient List

Full Ingredient List: Neuroprotective & Cognitive Small Molecules: L-Tyrosine, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Alpha-GPC, Alpha-Lipoic-Acid, L-Theanine, Phosphatidylserine, EMLOM® Botanical Blend: Rosemary extract, Sage extract, Ashwagandha extract, Lemon Balm extract.

Other Ingredients: Vegetarian Capsule (microcrystalline cellulose, silicon dioxide, hypromellose)

No Artificial Additives

No GMOs, No Herbicides or Pesticides, No Artificial Colors, Flavors, Preservatives, Heavy Metals, or Neurotoxins

No Hidden Proprietary Blends

All labeling and dosing is transparent

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Transparent Labeling without Proprietary Blends
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What You Get

Month 1: Welcome Kit

Reusable Glass Jar

Aluminum Travel Tin (holds a 2 week supply)

30 Day Supply of NESIS® INCEPTION®

100-page Hardcover Reference and Literature Review written by our Founder, Dr. Kevin Bunting Jr., PharmD

Biodegradable insert

Month 2: Sustainable Refills

30 Day Supply of NESIS® INCEPTION®

NESIS /'nēsəs/

n. A philosophy that recognizes the inception of each physiological pathway as pivotal to achieving systemic equilibrium and enhanced functioning, advocating for targeted, foundational support through clinically researched formulations.


Every thought, memory, and insight begins with a neuron. Nurture them.


/ no·o·trop·ic /ˌnōəˈträpik/

n. A class of cognitive-enhancing compounds that selectively confer upon the user improvements in the efficiency of neuronal systems, particularly those associated with executive functions, memory retrieval, creativity, and neuroplasticity, without the incurrence of deleterious side effects or neurophysiological dependency.


Can I still drink coffee when I take NESIS?

Absolutely, since NESIS has zero (0) mg of caffeine, it is safe to consume your normal amount of daily caffeine.

How many capsules per serving?

Our clinically-researched formula is six (6) easy-swallow vegetarian capsules once daily

Do you recommend starting at the full serving?

Honestly, you know your body best. When we were testing our formula, our users fully tolerated the recommended serving. Also, each serving has been thoroughly researched to be safe and effective at these amounts*

If you are uncomfortable starting at the full serving, we recommend the following serving schedule:

Three (3) capsules once daily for days 1-3

Four (4) capsules once daily for days 4-6

Five (5) capsules once daily for days 7-9

Six (6) capsules once daily starting on day 10

Will NESIS interact with any of my medications or supplements I currently take?

Please speak to your local pharmacist or physician to clarify. We worked very hard to ensure these ingredients have the lowest number of interactions and contraindications, however, this falls into a case-by-case basis.

How is NESIS best taken?

We recommend taking this once daily on an empty stomach upon awakening. Taking this with your morning tea or coffee is OK.

I have diabetes. Is NESIS safe for me to take?

A few of our ingredients have been shown to improve insulin sensitivity and suppress gluconeogenesis (production of glucose), therefore may lower blood glucose levels and should be monitored. It is best to speak with your primary physician helping manage your glucose levels to ensure this product is safe for you.

I have a seizure disorder. Is NESIS safe for me to take?

Please speak to your neurologist regarding NESIS supplementation. They will be able to help guide based on your specific seizure disorder (i.e. tonic-clonic, absence, etc.)

What happens if I miss a serving?

If you remember within 8 hours of your normal time to take NESIS INCEPTION, you are OK to take the missed serving.

Example: Normal serving time: NESIS at 0600, remember at lunchtime, OK to take

Example: Normal serving time: NESIS at 0600, remember at dinnertime, SKIP and restart regimen on the following day

NOTE: The reason we tell you to skip the serving is not because of safety issues, it's more related to the idea that you want to take NESIS INCEPTION at the start of your day when you're most alert, not when you're about to unwind and maintain good sleep hygiene.

How long until I start to feel the effects and experience the benefits of NESIS?

Overall, you may start to feel the effects the first morning you take NESIS - between 30-60 minutes.

You should see a bit of a cycle at first while your body is reaching what we call a "steady state" in pharmacokinetic terms. This means your body is maintaining an equilibrium of the molecules within the desired levels.

The cycle may look something like this:
Day 1-5: Relative and noticeable increases in your drive, endurance, memory, focus

Day 6+: Your new baseline which may not "feel" as drastic of a change, but has become the new "flow" state for your functionality

Remember, this product is working at the cellular level, and unlike compounds like caffeine, this should not leave you with jittery jolts followed by a massive crash. The goal is an optimized state of being that is steady and sustainable

Does NESIS contain caffeine? Will I crash midway throughout my day?

NO, there is no caffeine in NESIS therefore, once you reach a steady state, (see FAQ question "How long until I start to feel the effects and experience the benefits of NESIS?" for a definition on steady state) you should have a new baseline energy and efficiency at the cellular level.

Do I take NESIS everyday or just on the days I need a "mental boost?"

You should be taking NESIS daily. In reality, it's only our first four (4) ingredients (L-tyrosine, acetyl-L-carnitine, alpha GPC, and alpha-lipoic acid) that should yield any perceived feelings up front. The remaining six (6) ingredients target more along the chronic stress pathways and chronic systemic inflammation pathways.

In other words, you taking NESIS PRN (as needed) will only give you short-term benefits. If you'd like to optimize to the complete vision of NESIS and also seek out cognitive longevity benefits, we recommend daily use.

My urine sometimes smells like asparagus after taking NESIS. Is this normal?

Yes. The ingredient alpha GPC is a precursor to the molecule choline. If you happen to drink less fluids one day, choline levels may increase and concentrate in the urine during the excretion process and resemble the scent of asparagine (the amino acid responsible for the scent after you eat asparagus).

‡ Equivalent from 500 mg of concentrated Rosemary, Sage and Lemon Balm and 300 mg of concentrated Ashwagandha extracts.