Our Story: It was simple...

I earned my doctor of pharmacy (PharmD) and was working as senior lead pharmacist at my local hospital when the COVID-19 global pandemic hit. So, naturally I sought after a way to cheat on sleep; I needed an alternative.

OK, look, I know that's a huge claim, but it was only the INCEPTION of learning about the sides of biochemistry, pharmacology, and literature review that we weren't taught during our traditional education (thanks big pharma lobbyists).

Fast forward into my career (this was when our lives as healthcare workers were deemed "disposable" by giving us the title "heroes") and a dear friend and colleague of mine who is twice my age and performed at a veracity triple my capabilities took me under his wing. An old-school pharmacist with a passion for "alternatives" within the supplement space. He reminded me that the pathways within our own bodies contain the most sophisticated and complex machinery in the known universe.

This began my journey of discovering and researching every small molecule and botanical I could find. 4 years of research, literally hundreds of peer-reviewed articles, dosage testing on myself (and close friends and family) and 14 iterations later, I developed my formula. My initial formulas are not even recognizable compared to the NESIS INCEPTION you see today.

I cut all excess ingredients, dyes, fillers and components that are currently "buzz words" and "cure-alls" with zero data to support their uses. I also maintained a firm notion towards our six-capsule regimen although manufacturing facilities said it was "too many for the general consumer." I refused to sacrifice quality or even a single milligram of any ingredient during this process. We also maintained a proprietary-free, fully transparent labeling process during production.

I appreciate you giving us a try and trusting us on your path to more optimized wellness. We believe your wellness journey should be a dialogue, not someone else's dogma.

Dr. Kevin Bunting Jr., PharmD (Co-Founder)